SANDAG Bike Presentation and more

Hillcrest Town Council April 2016 Newsletter

Date: Tuesday, April 12, 2016
Time: 6:30 pm
Location: Joyce Beers Community Center at The Hub | Hillcrest Market
(formerly known as the Uptown Shopping District)

** Agenda

6:30 pm: Community Representatives & Public Comment ***

7:00 pm:Rock & Roll Marathon Presentation (#Rock)

7:15 pm: SANDAG Update on Hillcrest Bike Route

8:00 pm: Meeting Adjourns

Steering Committee – December 28, 2015


DECEMBER 28, 2015

Present: Luke Terpstra (Board Chair); Mark Zangrando (Board Treasurer); Benny Cartwright (Board Secretary); David Coben (NIC Chair); Rich Gorin; Roy Dahl.

Call to Order
Chair Luke Terpstra called the meeting to order at 6:01 pm.

January 12 Community Meeting
-Luke will not be present; Vice Chair Kath Rogers will preside.
-The new Domino’s Pizza store on Washington St. will provide pizzas, estimating for 50 attendees. HTC will purchase beverages from Domino’s. Benny will get in touch with Ann Garwood, so she can pass on the contact info. to set this up.
-Benny will send meeting details to Char Lou so she can send out the newsletter.

Confirmed meeting agenda items:
-Community/Hospital Representatives
-Public Comment
-Kath will announce the upcoming Board election cycle (2 openings).
-7 pm: Claudia from BURTECH will give an update on the University Ave. Pipeline Project.
-7:30 pm: Open discussion from community members about priorities for 2016. Attendees will be asked to go around the room and introduce themselves at this time.

February 9 Community Meeting
-Possibly a candidate forum between Chris Ward and Anthony Bernal. Ward has confirmed that either February or March work for him; still waiting to hear from Bernal (Luke will follow-up).
-Parking committee discussion to report on proposed 4-way stop signs at 8th & Robinson.

March 8 Community Meeting
-Possibly a candidate forum between Chris Ward and Anthony Bernal. Ward has confirmed that either February or March work for him; still waiting to hear from Bernal (Luke will follow-up).

-Brandon Smith from the Alpha Project is willing to give an update at any time.

Treasurer’s Report
-Current bank account balance is $5,575.01.
-Luke will be reimbursed $20 for paying a CA filing fee.

Neighborhood Improvement Committee Report
-Per steering committee suggestion, NIC has scaled down the size of the Feb. 27 Clean TEAM event to expect approximately 50 volunteers.
-By the Jan. 12 meeting, fliers and other promotional material for the Feb. 27 cleanup will be ready.
-David is working with Todd Gloria’s office for dumpster(s).
-David is securing a location to place the dumpster(s).
-Still discussing storage options for Clean TEAM supplies. Will send a proposal to The Center; also have an offer of space from HBA for free in East Village.

Joyce Beers Center Upgrades
No report. Luke will check-in with Rich Grousset.

Uptown Parking Board
-Roy reported on the recent election. Char Lou Benedict is now President of the Uptown Parking District board. Chris Shaw is now the chair of the Hillcrest Subcommittee. Bruce Reeves of ACE Hardware Hillcrest is also on board now. Roy Dahl and Tim Gahagan remain as Hillcrest resident seats.
-Hillcrest Subcommittee is considering putting stop signs at 8th & Robinson. Will report back.

Media Relations
-Benny will touch base with local Realtor Preston Webb, who has requested updates from HTC for his “Hillcrest News.”

-Discussion continues on the bylaws. The board or a subcommittee will need to really sit down and present a final draft when we are ready to finish this process. Once ready, will take the suggested revisions to the full membership for a vote. After bylaws are done, will begin the non-profit filing status process.

Mark moved and Rich seconded a motion to adjourn at 7:05 pm. Unanimous.

Submitted by: Benny Cartwright, Secretary.

Steering Committee – April 27, 2015

Hillcrest Town Council
Steering Committee
Meeting Minutes from April 27th, 2015

Present: Luke Terpstra (Chair); Benny Cartwright (Secretary); Mark Zangrando (Treasurer); Rich Gorin; Nancy Moors; Roy Dahl.

Call to order: The meeting was called to order at 6:02 pm by Luke Terpstra.

May 12 HTC Meeting:

Todd Gloria will be the featured speaker. It was decided to make him be the only speaker for the night since community members will likely have questions.
Next Steering Committee Meeting:

Because the next Steering Committee Meeting falls on the Memorial Day holiday, it was decided to move the meeting to Monday, May 18.
June 9 HTC Meeting:

Ideas for speakers at the June meeting were solicited and Luke will reach out to Stephen Whitburn at San Diego Pride to invite him to give a preview of the year’s Pride events, scheduled for July 17-19.
July 13 HTC Meeting:

Will discuss topics at next Steering Committee.

Roy mentioned angled parking issues. Essex St. is being looked at to install angled parking, and possibly some bulb outs, which cost about $60K each. The parking group would like to present this plan to the community soon, but they aren’t quite ready yet.
Lunch Loop Hillcrest Trolley:

The Hillcrest Trolley will launch a “Lunch Loop” on May 18 to shuttle people from the hospital district into the core of Hillcrest, in hopes of getting people to stop driving into the neighborhood for lunch. The hours will be 11:30 am to 1:30 pm and the “pilot” program will run through July 18.
Treasurer’s Report:

There is $2,232.18 in the bank. A check from UCSD Health is in the mail.
Joyce Beers Community Center: *ACTION

Luke moved and Nancy seconded that the Hillcrest Town Council purchase items to upgrade the Joyce Beers Community Center – up to $2,000 – which will be reimbursed by UCSD Health. Items will include electronics and audio/visual equipment. All voted in favor.
Facebook and Twitter:

Benny has been added as admin of the Facebook page, and Dave McCulloch removed. We will get the Twitter password from Dave. Everyone post away!

Generic fliers announcing the monthly HTC meetings were distributed. Members will post on bulletin boards, etc.
Nonprofit Status:

Nancy will contact attorney Graham Hollis to see if his firm does pro bono work (or if he has a recommendation for one who might be willing to help).

Luke moved and Benny seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting at 6:56 pm.
Submitted by: Benny Cartwright, Secretary

Community Meeting – April 14,2015

Hillcrest Town Council Community Meeting
Minutes from April 14, 2015
HTC Board Members in Attendance:

  • Luke Terpstra, Chairperson
  • Kath Rogers, Vice Chairperson
  • Rich Grousset, Member at Large

Public Attendance: 25

Donations Collected: $0

Meeting commenced at 6:32pm

Public Comment
Jessica Mier for Susan Davis’s Office

Update on current legislative efforts
Still looking for participants in Congressional Art Competition: deadline is April 20th
Toni Duran for Speaker Toni Atkin’s Office

Update on current legislative efforts

Monica Montano for Scripps Mercy

Comprehensive breast cancer center opening in June
125th anniversary is this coming July
M.O.S.T. (Mercy Outreach Surgery Team) is in Mexico performing surgeries

David Mier for UCSD Health Sciences

Official health sponsor for Pride this year
HRC designation lighting at July 10th at 6pm in front of Hillcrest Medical Center
Kara Kong for San Rock ‘N Roll Marathon

Marathon and Half Marathon take place on Sunday, May 31st
Race route will be same as in previous years
5K will be on Saturday, May 30th, which is new this year
Ian Johnson from The Center for AIDS Walk/Run San Diego

Same route as last year
Times moved slightly earlier: 10K run starts at 7:15
Luke Terpstra motioned that the HTC provide a letter of support for the AIDS Walk/Run San Diego
Kath Rogers seconded
Motion carried: 14-0
Dining Out for Life is on April 30th
Kathleen Ferrier from Circulate San Diego

Described Vision Zero project
Three key strategies
Safe street design
Working with city to provide education
Working with police to enforce good and bad behavior
Crashes with people walking have increased 10% each year since 2011
The City of San Diego is asking people to make requests to evaluate specific intersections even if they have done so in the past
Kathleen asked for a letter of support from the HTC
George suggested including in the letter support for a pedestrian safety week the same week as Bike to Work Day
Kath Rogers made a motion for HTC to provide a letter of support for Circulate SD and Vision Zero
Rich Gorin seconded
Motion carried: 17-0

Ben Nichols for Hillcrest Business Association

Taste of Hillcrest
Saturday, April 18th at noon
Tickets and information can be found on Fabulous Hillcrest website
Introduced topic of homelessness and Hillcrest Business Association’s and Todd Gloria’s partnership with Alpha Project
Brandon Smith for Alpha Project for the Homeless

Been in existence for 25 years
Team is out for four hours each day covering from Park Ave to Goldfinch
Perform an outreach intake for each person they talk to
HTC will work with Brandon to determine what information to put on the HTC website and Facebook page
Ben Nichols suggested Hillcrest join in next year’s homeless count (We All Count) if that does not currently include Hillcrest
Brandon responded to question about giving money to homeless: in general people should not give money, but instead ask what that person needs (e.g., food, blankets, clothing, etc.)
Several years ago Hillcrest considered installing meters in which people could put change that would go to supporting homeless programs instead of giving the change to homeless directly
Brandon and attendees discussed medical discharge of people who have no place to go
Donations: 3737 5th Avenue, Ste 203 (biggest need is socks and undergear)
Alpha Project Hotline from 8am to 4:30pm: 619-542-1877
Meeting adjourned at 7:56pm.

Respectfully submitted by Rich Grousset, Member At Large.

Steering Committee – March 30, 2015

Hillcrest Town Council
Steering Committee
Meeting Minutes from March 30th, 2015
Meeting called to order at 6:07 pm.

Luke Terpstra, Presiding
Kath Rogers
Mark Zangrando
Rich Grousset Rich Gorin Benny Cartwright Tom Mullaney


Motion: Luke Terpstra moved to appoint Benny Cartwright to the HTC
Seconded: Kath Rogers
Motion carried: 4-0



6:30pm: Announcements

Introduce Board of Directors and welcome newly appointed Director, Benny Cartwright
Appreciation for volunteers and organization that supported The Great Hillcrest Clean Up
Composting Class
North Park Clean Up is on April 25th, at 9:00am; meet at the North Park Community Park
6:40pm: Representatives

6:50pm: Public Comment

Kara Kong, community relations representative for Rock and Roll Marathon, will discuss the route of the marathon to be held on May 31, 2015
Ian Johnson, Director of Events at the Center will talk about AIDS Walk 2015
Juice Crafters on University Ave
7:00pm: Presentations

7:00pm: Maya Rosas from Vision Zero
7:30pm: Brandon Smith from Alpha Project
8:00pm: Meeting adjourned

MAY 12, 2015 MEETING

Possible presenters:

Luke has a request in to Todd Gloria’s office
Kath is contacting California Center for Sustainable Energy
Rich Grousset is contacting SDG&E
Kath is following up Cameron Brown from Alliance for Africa


Hillcrest Parking Committee

Roy Dahl summarized outcomes from the March 24th Uptown Planners Meeting about bike routes
SANDAG presentation at Mission Hills Town Council meeting scheduled for April 23rd may be cancelled
Treasurer’s Report

Current account balance is over $2,000
Have not yet received $500 from UCSD for The Great Hillcrest Spring Clean Up
Marketing Committee Report

No updates
Rich Grousset to give all HTC members administrative privileges for Facebook page so everyone can post content
Dining Out For Life

Benny Cartwright described the event, which takes place on April 30th
People can find information on Dining Out for Life Facebook Page or on The Center’s website
General agreement that HTC should participate and look for a restaurant donating 100% of proceeds
Renovations to Joyce Beers

Rich Grousset was recently in contact with Laura Borenstein from Regency Centers. She said the restroom remodel will begin in a few weeks and the kitchen will be completed after all of the common restrooms in the shopping center (5 total sets) are finished. They are also planning to on purchasing a new white board.
Rich Grousset will continue to follow up with Laura and with Zach Schlagel from UCSD regarding potential equipment purchases.
Conversation with the Candidates

Omar Passons is organizing
Email Luke with questions for Anthony Bernal and/or Chris Ward
Hillcrest Map

Tom Mullaney discussed his efforts regarding maps and Hillcrest boundaries
One Paseo

Tom Mullaney described the “One Paseo” project and current efforts to oppose it
Florence Elementary

The School Board decided not to go forward with changing the name
Post Pride Cleanup

Luke suggested forming a committee for the Post Pride Clean Up, which will take place on Monday July 20, 2015 at 7 or 8 am.
HTC Non-Profit Status
General agreement that the HTC should look into officially non-profit status
Rich Grousset to do some initial research
Committee voted to adjourn at 7:10 pm.

Respectfully submitted by Rich Grousset, Member at Large.

Community Meeting – March 10, 2015

Hillcrest Town Council Community Meeting
Minutes from March 10, 2015

HTC Board Members in Attendance:

  • Luke Terpstra, Chairperson
  • Kath Rogers, Vice Chairperson
  • Mark Zangrando, Treasurer
  • Rich Grousset, Member at Large

Public Attendance: 22

Donations Collected: $0

Meeting commenced at 6:35pm

Public Comment

Jessica Mier for Susan Davis’s Office

Update on current legislative efforts
Student Financial Aid workshop: Wednesday, March 11, 2015, 6pm East Lake High School
Congressional Art Competition: Deadline is April 20th
Kaitlin from Senator Marty Block’s Office

Update on current legislative efforts
Adriana Martinez from Council Member District 3 Todd Gloria’s office

Easter basket drive
Free legal services through California Western School of Law on second Tuesday of each month from 9am to 11am
Met with people living at Park Avenue senior living facility to listen to concerns about unsafe intersections and sidewalks
Julio De Guzman for City Attorney’s Office

Discussed “Community Court” that allows people to “work off” misdemeanor crime(s) through 16 hours of community service
Zachary Schlagel for UCSD Health System

March 29th: American Lung Association’s “Fight for Air Climb” at One America Plaza
Lighting of UCSD Medical Center on July 10th in rainbow colors in support of San Diego LGBT
Working with Elizabeth Hannon from Parking District to pilot shuttle from medical center to center of Hillcrest in May, June, and July. Goal is to alleviate parking issues.
UCSD Health System is considering a contribution to Joyce Beers Center (ex. projector, podium, sound system)
UCSD Health System donated $500 for Hillcrest spring cleanup
Mark Zangrando for Scripps Mercy

July 9th celebration of 125th Anniversary
July 11th Community Carnival

HTC thanked Rich Gorin for his service
Kath Rogers nominated Rich Grousset
Mark Zangrando seconded
Motion carried: 9 in favor, 0 opposed
Rich Grousset nominated Kath Rogers
Rich Gorin seconded
Motion carried: 10 in favor, 0 opposed
Elizabeth Hannon for Uptown Community Parking District

Parking District has about $3.5 million to use in Hillcrest
Looking to put some funds toward beautification projects
Working with Kath Rogers on tying some projects to Climate Action Plan goals
John from Neighborhoods for Clean Elections

Described goals of group
One goal is to put Clean Elections on ballot for 2016
Seeking 90,000 signatures by June, signature collection begins in January
Showed Bill Moyer’s video
Answered questions
Kath motion for HTC to endorse to support Clean Elections
Luciano seconded
Motion carried: 9 in favor and 1 opposed
Meeting adjourned at 7:42pm.

Respectfully submitted by Rich Grousset, Member At Large.