Hillcrest is people

The Hillcrest Town Council currently has three standing committees: Neighborhood Improvement Committee, Development Committee and Website Committee.

Other committees may exists as Ad Hoc committees established at the pleasure of the Chair, and new committees may be added at the discretion of the Board. Project work — including research, development, and proposals — begin at the committee level. Committees present their findings/ideas/proposals to the board.

The board Chair determines whether the Steering Committee will be involved in a discussion of the proposal. The Board determines whether the proposal is approved, denied or returned to committee for further work.

HTC Board and Steering Committee

Kath Rogers
dognamedannie [at] gmail.com

Ben Cartwright
bcartwright [at] thecentersd.org

Mary Mckenzie
marymckcal[at] gmail.com

David Coben
davidcoben7 [at] gmail.com

Neighborhood Improvement Committee

David Coben
davidcoben7 [at] gmail.com

Uptown Community Parking Board

HTC Representatives:
Tim Gahagan
Roy Dahl

Website Committee

Rich Grousset
richgrousset [at] gmail.com