Hillcrest Town Council Update

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Going from Angst to Action Focusing on Climate Change

By Anne Haule


One of many things causing me angst about Trump is his belief that climate change is a hoax — never mind the scientific community’s consensus to the contrary.

So, rather than sit on my sofa and continue to wallow in post-election depression, I joined my daughter and attended two local climate action events this past week and came away feeling empowered tot make action.

The first event was the Hillcrest Town Council monthly meeting — this one featured “sustainability” ass its theme…


Hillcrest Town Council Update

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U.S. Rep. Susan Davis visits, affordable housing discussed

By Mary M. McKenzie

U.S. Rep. Susan Davis (D-San Diego) paid a visit to the Hillcrest Town Council community meeting on Tuesday, Aug. 9, where she expressed an understanding of why many Americans appear angry with Congress.

She emphasized her resolve to continue to work on issues such as gun violence, Zika virus funding, a student debt solution, protecting voting rights, transportation and affordable housing, the theme of the night.