Community Meeting – April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011 50-60 attendees. $52 donated. This evening’s meeting included several speakers with information about redistricting. Residents heard from Midori Wong, chief of staff for the city’s redistricting commission sharing the basics of the process. Vince Hall, who has participated in several redistricting efforts told the group of nearly 60 interested residents that the two most important criteria are population equality and the Voter Rights Act. After that citizen input is critical. Input before mid-May when the first map is drawn is Restricting map discussionmost important along with building a broad coalition. Linda Perrine represented the LGBT Alliance philosophy of redistricting which she believes has commonality to the HTC goal of a “Heritage District” of older urban neighborhoods of character. HTC member Tom McDowell with Redistricting CA has been help with maps and HTC board member Dave McCulloch presented maps created to suggest a couple of options with a goal of achieving the target number of 144,624 population per district. Community members are encouraged to participate with the HTC Steering Committee to fine tune the numbers and attend the Redistricting Commission meeting on May 2 at the Regional Transportation Center – Showroom, 4001 El Cajon Boulevard at 6pm. New and returning board members treasurer Tim Gahagan, secretary Ann Garwood and member at large Dave McCulloch, were introduced by chair Luke Terpstra. Vice President Anne Haule was absent. HTC representative to the Hillcrest Parking Committee, Tim Gahagan reported that an important meeting to discuss the formation of a new parking advisory board will take place on Wednesday, April 20 from 3 to 5pm at the Joyce Beers Community Center. The neighbors were also asked to vote on a motion to approve requesting the city to reduce parking meter rates along the new Normal Street median and parts of University Avenue. The motion passed 16 yea and 4 abstentions. Luke Terpstra closed out the meeting by reporting on the 163 off ramp at Robinson & Tenth avenues. The bottleneck has been a problem for years and the city is not being very responsive to the HTC committee working on a solution. The issue will be presented to the Uptown Planners for support at their Monday, May 3 meeting at the JBCC. Residents are encouraged to become involved in these topics by contacting the HTC through the email.