Community Meeting – August 2014

Hillcrest Town Council Meeting Minutes of 12Aug2014

Public Comment

Jessica Mier new representative for Susan Davis

Aug 27th will be a retirement event look at website for details

Focus on children’s access to good nutrition

Susan will tentatively attend the October HTC meeting

Tony Duran for Toni Atkins

Last month of the legislative season

There is an important water bond that is being worked on

For community office hours please look at Toni’s website

Adriana Martinez for Todd Gloria

There has been a veto on the minimum wage ordinance which may be overridden

There is free tree trimming service available after the contract is renewed, contact Todd for more information

Monica (LNUN) from Scripps Hospital

Thank you for City Fest and making it a success

There will be a ‘Medicare made Easy’ seminar on Aug 23rd at scripps from 9-1030am free for all

Call Scripps to attend at 1800SCRIPPS

Zak Schlagel for UCSD

UCSD is the official sponser of the Upcoming Sand Sculpture Event on Aug 29th.

At the event they will be conducting free health screenings

Officer David Surwilo

Back from leave and now back in the neighborhood

He can be reached at

Call 619 531 2000 for non-emergency reporting

Officer Lieutenant James Keck

New officer for the neighborhood/western division

Discussed the oversize vehicle ordinance – enforcement to start Sept 1st

May be discussing homeless issues at an upcoming meeting

Julio De Guzman for the City Attorney’s Office

Spoke to the idea a neighborhood courts

Roy Dahl

Spoke regarding Parking Board upcoming elections

Elizabeth Hannon for the Uptown Community Parking District

Spoke regarding upcoming elections

Scheduled Speakers

Stephen Whitburn for the LGBT Center

Presented a check for HTC Clean Team for $1,130 for after pride cleanup

Ian Johnson and Rick Cervantes

Don’t forget AIDS walk 2014 – will now be centered in Hillcrest

Friday Night before the walk will be ‘Reasons We Remember’ memorial

HTC – Motion to Support the Walk passed 18 yes/0 no / 0 abstain. The Chair will draft a Letter of Support.

John Gelush for Neighborhoods for Clean Elections

Workshop Aug 23 at the Unitarian Church

‘Tools to Protect neighborhood – 930-11 am

Group also wants to overturn ‘Citizens United’

Sapphire Blackwood for California Democratic Party for Scott Peters

Asked for volunteers to help campaign

Meeting ended with a presentation and lively discussion of the new ‘Transform Hillcrest’ bike plan by Jim Frost. This is a collaborative effort by community members to create a bike plan for Hillcrest that creates more parking spaces, does not tear up median improvements in the neighborhood and ensures dedicated bicycle lanes separated from cars.

Motion of Support for the Transform Hillcrest Bike Plan and support for all interested parties to coordinate and implement plan passed. 16 yes/0 no/ 0 abstain.

Meeting adjourned at 8pm

Respectfully submitted by John Semerau – HTC secretary.

Community Meeting – May 2014

Hillcrest Town Council Meeting Minutes of 13 May2014

Public Comment

Brandon Primus for Susan Davis

·Budget season – balanced approach taken to budget

·Universal Preschool measure supported by SD

·Bill to meet Social/Emotional needs of children

·International women’s issues are on the agenda

Julio DeGuzman

·City attorneys office (Jan Goldsmith)

·Discussion of community courts

·Neighborhood prosecution unit

Toni Duran for Toni Atkins

·Toni is new speaker of Assembly and was sworn in yesterday

·Friday June 6th 10 am Balboa park for swearing in for SD

·reservations can be made at

·also on assembly page

Public Comment:

Terri Wyatt

·running for District Attorney

·website – Terri Wyatt for

Nancy Moore

·Please vote yes on B and C measures

·Bankers Hill community group meeting 19 May 2014 at 6pm

Marrisa representing Hillcrest Business Association

·Free Movie Night 31May2014- Park and University- 5pm

·Finding Nemo will be played

·Don’t forget the ‘High Heel Race’ June 14th, 2014

·Motion to support passed the race was passed.Vote – 18 Yes, 0 No

Presentation by Walt Chambers

·Presentation on ‘Spaces for People”

·Stated the need for Open Space in the community

·Proposed a Public Space in Pride Plaza

·Wants to make Normal St a public plaza like Barcelona without interfering with the Farmers Market

·Motion to support plan to create a demonstration project at Normal and University passed Yes – 13, 4 No , 0 Abstain

Presentation by Tom Mulaney

·Presentation on ‘Urban Design Guildelines and Open Space in Hillcrest’

·Importance of Arcades, Wide sidewalks, Quiet spaces for the community

Presentation by Corrine Wilson

·Vote Yes on B and C


Presentation by Cynthia Ibbara

·No on Prop B and C

Lively discussion of Yes/No on B and C

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 pm

Respectfully submitted by John Semerau Secretary HTC

Community Meeting – April 2014

Hillcrest Town Council Meeting Minutes of April 8, 2014

Board Members Present: Luke Terpstra, Mark Zangrando, Kath Rogers, John Semerau

Meeting began with an Introduction by Luke Terpstra of sitting board members.

Public Comment Period-

1. Toni Duran from Toni Atkins office

– Atkins will be sworn in as the new assembly speaker in mid-may

– Atkins will be at the Center this Friday from 6-7 for the Wall of Honor commemoration

– Atkins will be at University Heights library this Saturday

– Atkins will be at Earth Day celebration on 27April2014 from 10-5pm

– Orca bill is postponed until a 1-2 yr study is completed

– Q – Have you seen Black Fish the movie? No – but it is in my net flicks cue.

2. Monica Montano from Scripps Hospital

a. Hospital will be sponsoring City Fest

b. The Hospice is being renovated and will possibly open in 2 months although there is no exact time

3. David Meir – UCSD Hillcrest

a. Upcoming Trans Empowerment day at UCSD 11-2pm this Friday

4. Sonia Stauffer and Marisa Romero from Hillcrest Business Association

a. Introduction of Amici’s Pizza Restaurant in Hillcrest

5. Indy Latahm – San Diego Youth Services

a. Work in the neighborhood re. drug and alcohol issues

b. Cindy ? is the new coordinator

c. Day of silence this Friday from 4:30-5:30 at the fountain in Balboa Park

6. Timothy – tour guide operator ‘Tim Reveals San Diego’

a. 858 395 3122

b. Or email and

c. Looking for stories of San Diego to include in the tour!

7. Larry Wilskie – Running for congress

a. Announced that he is running for congress and wants your support

8. Kath Rogers

a. Announced the upcoming Clean Energy Future of San Diego

b. Distributed Generation issues

c. Also be a veggie for a week upcoming event April 21-27

Presentations –

9. San Diego County Tax Assessor Dan McAllister

a. Presentation on the ‘two seasons of giving’

b. Remember you can make electronic payments

c. Water Front park is opening on May 10th – come join the celebration

10. Sam Ollinger – Bike San Diego Chair

a. Presentation to help establish San Diego as a world class bike city

b. Discussion followed

c. This Sunday join on a bike tour of Hillcrest

General Announcements-

11. Don’t forget that July 19th and 20th is the Pride Festival – $20 for both days

a. 40th anniversary

b. Historical Committee openings 6pm Mondays at the Pride Offices

12. Movie Night on Park Blvd

a. May 24th screening of Finding Nemo – bring everyone for the free show

b. The fun Starts at 5pm.

Steering Committee – March 2014

Hillcrest Town Council

Steering Committee

Minutes of the March 31, 2014 Meeting

Meeting start time: 6:08pm.

Members present: Luke Terpstra, Kath Rogers, Tom Mullaney, Roy Dahl, Tim Gahagan, Rich Gorin, Bob Martynec

Tom mentioned that most of SANDAG’s bike funding is concentrated in the Uptown area. He recommends figuring out a way to make this funding work for the community, rather than litigating the issue.

Upcoming HTC Meeting on April 8th:

Speakers: Dan McAllister, San Diego Treasurer & Sam Ollinger, Bike San Diego

Tim expressed concern about Sam representing herself as an authority on the SANDAG bike plan.

Group decided to make it clear that Sam represents bikers’ perspective.

*Luke and Kath to figure out how to work microphone

HTC board members will sit up front at next meeting

*Need a time keeper – ask a volunteer at the next meeting to do this.

Future meeting speakers:

Todd Gloria, June meeting

Rich sent requests to Kevin Faulconer, Police Chief

Invite pending to Toni Atkins’ office

Mark suggested we could invite Scripps

*Kath to ask Nicole Capretz to discuss Climate Action Plan

Tim suggested discussing concerns about HBA’s Mardi Gras event at the May meeting


*Board to discuss Clean TEAM t-shirts, budgeting and whether American-made is viable

*Board to discuss possibility of applying for Pride grant for t-shirts

*We need a one-page flier to pin up around the complex and in the neighborhood. (Kath, unless another volunteer wants to do this)

Meeting end time: 7:20pm

Community Meeting – February 2014

Hillcrest Town Council

Meeting of February 11, 2014

Joyce Beers Community Center


MEETING CALLED TO ORDER AT 6:38 PM by Luke Terpstra, Chair

31 attending,

Public Comments

Luke Terpstra, Chair

  • Luke thanked participants in last month’s Hospital District clean up, including Hillcrest Clean T.E.A.M, UCSD staff, Delta Lambda Phi, Chris Shaw for hosting after-cleanup refreshments at Hillcrest Brewery.

  • He announced that two board positions were up for election at the March 11 meeting. The terms of Luke Terpstra and Rich Gorin expire at that meeting.

  • Luke read a statement from Beth Robrahn of SANDAG’s bicycle group. At the community meeting of February 6th SANDAG shared its conclusions about which routes work best. The next step is to work with stakehoolders on design solutions. Beth pointed out that bikeway projects are about enhancing communities, not just transportation, and indicated that SANDAG will continue to coordinate with Hillcrest Business Association and Uptown Parking District on parking mitigation options.

  • Colleen Clementson, Principal Planner, SANDAG concurred in Beth’s letter and indicated that she would be back at our March meeting with a full presentation.

Holly representing Critical Voice

  • they are updating a chart of alcohol-related crimes to try and get citizen input to help deal with trouble spots. She said that her group will be talking to City Council on a pending Medical Marijuana ordinance.

Tom Mullaney

Tom announced the March 4th election for Uptown Planners at Joyce Beers Center at 6 pm and indicated that he will run to fill one of the vacancies.

Ann Garwood

  • The Bankers Hill Residents Group will meet Monday, February 17th, at 3030 Front Street from 6:30-8 pm. Presentations will cover possible streetcar routes, and the painted bike lanes south of Laurel St. For more information, contact

Larry Wilske

  • announced that he is running for Congress as a Republican from the 53rd district, citing his military experience as a qualification for office.

Roy Dahl

  • Invited residents to an Open House of the Hillcrest Parking Subcommittee on February 27th at 5 pm at the HBA office on 5th Avenue. The purpose of the meeting is to get input on how to spend $3 million that has been allocated for parking improvements.

  • Roy also reported a DMV agreement to use their lot after hours and the startup of valet service to fill underutilized parking garage space in central Hillcrest.

  • Roy reported the unanimous decision of Uptown Planners for permanent height limitations in Hillcrest. The Town Council’s recommendation that discretionary review be required for structures over 50 feet in height (under the Interim Height Ordinance that number is 65 feet) was adopted. Buildings up to 65 feet would be permitted under discretionary review, also in line with the Town Council’s resolution.

  • The Planners also approved, contrary to the Town Council’s recommendation, a “super-discretionary” process that would allow some buildings up to 100 feet high in areas East of SR 163. The precise requirements to get a 100 foot building rather than a 65 foot one will be further refined, but here are some of the concepts:

  • Light and shade studies will be required to measure adverse impact of tall buildings on the sunlight and air rights of neighbors.

  • Street width must be appropriate to the proposed building heights, I.e.

  • Neighbors to be noticed and mitigations for them must be part of the permitting process.

  • Higher-quality building materials and standards.

  • A heated discussion ensued. The Chair expressed the hope that it served to clear the air..

Joann Edwards

  • She and her partner occupy a cottage in a cottage court on Indiana Street near Park Blvd that dates from the 1920s. New owners want to tear it down. The parcel is subject to historical review and Joann was seeking support for preservation.

By- Laws

By-Law Changes: (removal in strike-out, additions in italic) The Steering Committee, by a vote of 5-0, recommended that the Town Council adopt the following amendments to its By-Laws:

  • Steering Committee

2. Attendance at three consecutive one steering committee meetings meeting is required to gain voting privileges at subsequent in the Steering Committee meetings.

  • Board

Amendment B is struck and a new item 10 is added:

  1. Prospective Board members must have attended 3 HTC meetings, of which at least one will be a Town Council meeting and one a Steering Committee meeting.

Heather Pollock, Executive Director, Girls Think Tank

Heather explained that California is one of the top 10 states in homeless population and there are 9000 estimated homeless in San Diego. 1/3 of them have college degrees.

Her organization’s mission is to advance basic dignity for homeless persons. They meet once a month on the first Thursday at 6 pm at 655 West Broadway, 19th floor. Attendees include current and former homeless and other community members. They research issues and take action. Some projects they’ve done:

  • public $750k grant to install 4 toilets, 2 in East Village, 2 in Little Italy.

  • Transitional storage center. so homeless can dress for work and keep personal items. located 1610 commercial, but has to move. still looking for new location

  • mobile legal clinic – at PATH Connections Housing and St Vincent de Paul.

  • Survival supplies distribution – basic hygienic supplies 3 times year – twice in winter, once in summer.

Despite the name, volunteers of both genders are welcome. Residents may consider helping at or attending their .annual gala that takes place May 31st at the downtown library. They also accept donations of blankets, tarps, toiletries these can be sent to their office or they can in some cases arrange to pick them up.

Other Business

  • A resident requested that the Police Department send a representative at least quarterly to update residents on current issues.

Adjournment: 738 pm

Community Meeting – January 2014

Hillcrest Town Council

Meeting of January 14, 2014

Joyce Beers Community Center


MEETING CALLED TO ORDER AT 6:35 PM by Luke Terpstra, Chair

53 attending, $ 24.75 collected.

Public Comments
Luke Terpstra, Chair

Luke expressed thanks thanks for all who made last month’s potluck a success, including Ann Garwood, Nancy Moors, Tim Gahagan, Urban Mo’s, Whole Foods, and UCSD and Scripps Mercy Hospitals.
Brandon Primus, for Congresswoman Susan Davis

· The Congresswoman introduced the Early Act to fund pre-K education for families earning up to 400% of poverty level.

· Brandon noted that the National Defense Authorization Act was approved. Of especial interest to San Diego, the law provides a 1% pay increase and extended educational benefits for military personnel and help for small businesses to bid on defense contracts.
Chris Ward, represnting State Senator Marty Block

· Chris noted that the Legislature is back in session. The deadline for introducing legislation is February 4th, so he anticipates having a report to us at our next meeting of what this year’s legislative agenda will include.

· The Legislature is working with the courts to try and deal with prison overcrowding.

· Chris noted the drought conditions, and that the State was moving forward on the twin tunnels project to preserve the Delta and ensure delivery of water to Southern California.

· In line with work on the national level, the Legislature anticipates including pre-K funding in this year’s budget.

· The Budget also anticipates not raising student fees for higher education at public institutions.

· The Governor has unveiled his new budget proposal. He is expecting a surplus and wants to divide it in three equal parts to restore programs cut during the recession, repay debt to school districts and localities and to build a rainy day fund.

David Mier, UCSD Health

· David announced a neighborhood cleanup in cooperation with HTC’s Clean Team to take place on Saturday, January 18th, from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Volunteers will meet in front of the Hospital at First and Arbor. Refreshments will be available and the Hillcrest History Guild has arranged for a dumpster where residents can bring bulk items for disposal.

· In cooperation with February’s Heart Month celebration Go Red For Women, UCSD’s hospitals will be lighted in red for the month.
Monica Montaño, Scripps Health

· Monica noted that February is observed as Heart Month. Scripps Mercy San Diego will conduct screening for sudden cardiac arrest in teens. While directed at families of employees, these screenings will be available by appointment to the general public.

· Scripps Health has a partnership with the YMCA, and will conduct health screenings at their locations. On February 14th, they’ve scheduled one at the Mission Valley YMCA. Others are also planned.
Rich Reyes, representing Interim Mayor Todd Gloria

· The runoff election for Mayor will take place on February 11th.

· Todd was unanimously re-elected City Council President by his colleagues.

· Todd delivers the State of the City address on January 15th at the Balboa Theatre. The public is invited. Doors open at 5:15 with the program starting at 6 pm. Afterwards, there will be a reception at the US Grant Hotel

Relay for Life

· A group of volunteers is organizing this event for the American Cancer Society. It is a 24 hour vigil scheduled for June 21st at Alice Birney School. This event will feature luminaria and is in honor of those struggling with cancer. The group is looking for additional volunteers and sponsors. Jerry Webber is the contact for this program.
Jeanne Burke, The Center

· She is working on a county-wide assessment of LGBT senior healthcare issues. Her group meets at The Center on the first Tuesday of each month at 2 pm.
Lisa Hamel, University Heights Community Development Corporation

· Discussed the University Heights Open Aire Market on Saturday mornings, which occurs next to the Alice Birney School at Park and El Cajon Boulevard between 9 and 1 on Saturdays. On January 18th they will have recycling for electronics there.
Sonya Stauffer, Hillcrest Business Association

Announced plans for the Fat Tuesday celebration. This will replace the Mardi Gras event that occurred in previous years. This year’s event takes place on March 4th and will have a parade of floats at 6 pm from Park and University to the celebration site on the south side of University Avenue between 10th and Vermont. The party (adults only) will start at 7 pm. Tickets are $20 in advance, $25 at the event and $50 for VIP tickets.
Malesha Taylor

Announced the establishment of a new art gallery inside Bamboo Lounge. There will be a monthly talk at the gallery, with the next one January 30th 7-9 pm.
Lorena, San Diego Youth Services

· They are looking for potential foster parents.
Nancy Moors, Hillcrest History Guild

Nancy thanked HTC for partnering on December’s potluck and mentioned a number of awards that were given out by the Hillcrest History Guild at that event.

Resolution on Height in Community Plan Update

On a motion by Dave McCulloch, it was agreed that the recommendation of Walt Chambers be read into the minutes. It will appear as Appendix A

Motion by Steering Committee:

For those areas in Hillcrest covered by the IHO, the

HTC recommends a 50′ height limit and will consider heights up to 65′

based on discretionary review. On 4th Avenue between Robinson and Upas

the height limit should be 32′ with discretionary review up to 50′.

Amendment proposed by Development Committee:

In order to reach accommodation with the HBA and

others, the HTC would consider addition heights of up to 15′ in a

subset of the area; subject to a heightened review process that

includes specific benefits as well as the input from the community and the neighbors.

The amendment was defeated by a vote of 9-16. The main motion passed 21-3 with 5 abstentions.

City Councilman David Alvarez

· The Councilman introduced himself and discussed his candidacy for Mayor.
Adjournment: Town Council Adjourned 7:59 pm

Appendix A

Recommendation to the Hillcrest Town Council

• Great Streets San Diego (GSSD) recommends a place-based solution for building heights in

Hillcrest that uses a ratio of building height to street width. (Building Height:Street Width)

• The streets in Hillcrest vary widely in width, design and function. A Place-based solution

fosters and encourages good urban design and place-making in Hillcrest.

Hillcrest West of Highway 163:

Maximum ministerial = 0.85:1

Maximum discretionary = 1:1

Minimum = 1:2.3 or 30 feet, which ever is greater, and 2 stories. Discretionary for less.

Hillcrest East of Highway 163:

Maximum ministerial = 1:2

Maximum discretionary = 1:1 or 100’-0”, which ever is lesser.

Minimum = 1:2.3 or 30 feet, which ever is greater, and 2 stories. Discretionary for less.

a. Street frontage is measured in linear feet.

b. Building height is measured to eaves or the top of the roof for a flat-roof structure, and street

width is measured façade to façade. Building height is measured to eaves or the top of the roof

for a flat-roof structure, and street width is measured façade to façade. For building frontages with

multiple heights, use the weighted average height of all frontage segments based on each

segment’s height weighted by the segment’s share of total building width.

c. Alleys and driveways are excluded.


University / 3rd ROW = 62’

Max-M = 53’ ! (4 Story)

Max-D = 62’ ! (5 Story)

Min! = 30’, and 2 stories

5th / Pennsylvania ROW = 75’

Max-M = 64’! (5 Story)

Max-D = 75’! (7 Story)

Min! = 33’ and 2 stories

University / Richmond! ROW = 150’

Max-M = 75’! (6 Story)

Max-D = 100’! (8 Story)

Min = 65’ and 2 stories

University / Center ROW = 85’

Max-M = 43’ (4 Story)

Max-D = 85’ (7 Story)

Min = 37’ and 2 stories


Walter Chambers

Great Streets San Diego


The following is from St. Louis Great Streets

3:1 Height to Width Ratio (downtown – high density)

Sense of spatial definition: strong; may feel like a “concrete canyon” in some settings

Skyview: very narrow; viewing tops of buildings requires changing neck angle

Lowest sun angle reaching bottom of north street wall at mid-day: 71° (east-west street)

3:2 Height to Width Ratio (downtown mid-rise)

Sense of spatial definition: strong; clear sense of enclosure

Skyview: limited; viewing tops of buildings requires changing neck angle

Lowest sun angle reaching bottom of north street wall at mid-day:

56° (east-west street)

1:1 Height to Width Ratio (best for placemaking – city neighborhood and residential)

Sense of spatial definition: high, strong placemaking potential

Skyview: limited, peripheral only

Lowest sun angle reaching bottom of north street wall at mid-day:

45° (east-west street)

1:1 Height to Width Ratio (best for placemaking – city neighborhood and residential) (Continued)

1:2 Height to Width Ratio (low density urban and high density suburban)

Sense of spatial definition: good; sufficient for placemaking

Skyview: views of sky about equal to visual field occupied by street wall

Lowest sun angle reaching bottom of north street wall at mid-day:

27° (east-west street)

1:4 Height to Width Ratio (poor placemaking – suburban commercial)

Sense of spatial definition: weak; placemaking potential is low

Skyview: three times as much sky as wall within normal range of human vision

Lowest sun angle reaching bottom of north street wall at mid-day:

15° (east-west street)

Community Meeting – July 2011

Were you at the meeting? If so, you’ll remember these events. If you didn’t join us, make sure you do next time – and here’s what you missed!

Local representatives:

SDPD Officer Surwilo advised of changes in the Police department including more officers for Hillcrest and the North Park bike team expanding its scope to include Hillcrest. He also reminded people to call 531-2000 to report threatening homeless people to be removed.

Nicole from Susan Davis’ office advised that the Congresswoman is holding a forum on the federal budget issue.

Tim from Tony Atkins office reported on a commission on homeless in California and that two meetings will be held in San Diego.

Courtney Thompson from Councilmember Todd Gloria’s office distributed the “District 3 Dialogue”.

Zach from UCSD advised that the traffic study will take about 10 weeks and that UCSD is the medical sponsor of San Diego Pride.

Monica from Scripps Heath passed out a news/health brochure.

John Hartley promoted “Neighbors for Clean Elections”.

Ron Lacey from the mayor’s office advised about efforts to save money from the general fund by combining city purchasing with county purchasing. He asked people to call him at 619 236-7168 with suggestions, complaints and questions.


An informative presentation was made by a representative of the San Diego Historic Street Cars organization on the Class I historic street car project.

Tim Gahagan introduced Mike McLaughlin of TMC, consultants on parking who discussed parking and changes in the Uptown Parking District.

A new parking board will be in effect in early September. Hillcrest Town Council will have two elected seats on this new board. Hillcrest residents interested in being elected to these two seats should advise the Hillcrest Town Council of their interest.

Rich Gorin advised about the progress being made on the 163 ramp issue.

The K-rail is being removed to allow 2 lanes. Pylons will be added to discourage west bound illegal turns. Future discussions between the city and CALTRANS will be conducted to address the left turn issue.

Ann Garwood asked for volunteers to help with the annual post Pride weekend clean-up activities – noting that PRIDE pays for volunteers to clean up University and connecting local streets on Monday after Pride weekend.

Community Meeting – June 2011

The meeting was called to order by Luke Terpstra at approximately 6:30pm at the Joyce Beers Community Center. The meeting began with introductions of all attendees.

Following introductions, the next order of business was public comment for attendees and governmental representatives. Following the public comments, the group was addressed by the CEO of UCSD Medical Center. His presentation was to advise the community that UCDS seeks to improve street access to its facility. To further that end, UCSD has engaged a consulting group to conduct a study of ways to improve street access. Once the study is complete, it will be shared with the community and its input will be sought.

Following the UCSD presentation, the video “Revisiting Donald Appleyard’s Livable Streets” was shown and discussion ensued. The planned presentation by Dave McCulloch of the new Hillcrest Town Council website was postponed and will be presented at a future meeting.

The meeting concluded with a brief discussion about how to encourage more people to become involved in HTC meetings and initiatives. This discussion will continue at future meetings. The meeting was adjourned by Luke Terpstra at approximately 8:00pm.

Community Meeting – April 12, 2011

April 12, 2011 50-60 attendees. $52 donated. This evening’s meeting included several speakers with information about redistricting. Residents heard from Midori Wong, chief of staff for the city’s redistricting commission sharing the basics of the process. Vince Hall, who has participated in several redistricting efforts told the group of nearly 60 interested residents that the two most important criteria are population equality and the Voter Rights Act. After that citizen input is critical. Input before mid-May when the first map is drawn is Restricting map discussionmost important along with building a broad coalition. Linda Perrine represented the LGBT Alliance philosophy of redistricting which she believes has commonality to the HTC goal of a “Heritage District” of older urban neighborhoods of character. HTC member Tom McDowell with Redistricting CA has been help with maps and HTC board member Dave McCulloch presented maps created to suggest a couple of options with a goal of achieving the target number of 144,624 population per district. Community members are encouraged to participate with the HTC Steering Committee to fine tune the numbers and attend the Redistricting Commission meeting on May 2 at the Regional Transportation Center – Showroom, 4001 El Cajon Boulevard at 6pm. New and returning board members treasurer Tim Gahagan, secretary Ann Garwood and member at large Dave McCulloch, were introduced by chair Luke Terpstra. Vice President Anne Haule was absent. HTC representative to the Hillcrest Parking Committee, Tim Gahagan reported that an important meeting to discuss the formation of a new parking advisory board will take place on Wednesday, April 20 from 3 to 5pm at the Joyce Beers Community Center. The neighbors were also asked to vote on a motion to approve requesting the city to reduce parking meter rates along the new Normal Street median and parts of University Avenue. The motion passed 16 yea and 4 abstentions. Luke Terpstra closed out the meeting by reporting on the 163 off ramp at Robinson & Tenth avenues. The bottleneck has been a problem for years and the city is not being very responsive to the HTC committee working on a solution. The issue will be presented to the Uptown Planners for support at their Monday, May 3 meeting at the JBCC. Residents are encouraged to become involved in these topics by contacting the HTC through the email.